Drug & Alcohol help in Surrey

Surrey Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) was set up in 1995 as a Surrey county-wide forum for tackling substance misuse. The DAAT is the lead partnership in Surrey for all aspects of commissioning and project planning in relation to the provision of interventions within and outside of the criminal justice system. It achieves this through a team of commissioners and project(s) staff who work through dedicated joint-commissioning groups and task-specific workgroups.

In summary the DAAT:

  • Ensures that the work of local agencies in relation to addressing substance misuse issues (drugs and alcohol) is brought together effectively and that cross-agency projects are co-ordinated successfully
  • Takes strategic decisions on expenditure and service delivery within the three streams of the New Drugs Strategy:- Reducing Demand
    Restricting Supply
    Building recovery in communitiesThis involves:
  • Commissioning services, including supporting structures;
  • Monitoring and reporting on performance
  • Communicating plans, activities and performance to stakeholders.