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Alcohol a legal drug yet causing many deaths

Alcohol is legal and around the table at any occasion, many drink alcohol
without moderation or unaware of its dangers and effects. Browse through
the pages without moderation.

Alcohol movie: Tragic death

A tormented and violent relationship due to alcoholism. Piece deliberately
shot in French to alleviate the degree of violence and to emphasize the

Length: 5 min (Resolution: 320*240, broadband 256kbps)

Advice on Alcohol use.

  • As your alcohol consumption increases, the frequency & the amounts,
    the more the risk is important.
  • Recommended limit of alcohol intake:
    • Occasional drinking: 4 to 5 units max!
    • Regular drinking: 2 to 3 units for women, 3 to 4 units for men &
      1 day a week without alcohol.

    One unit of alcohol is roughly equivalent to half a pint of normal
    strength beer, or a small glass of wine, or a pub measure of spirits.

    Start exceeding the recommended alcohol limits, then you start puting your health at risk!

  • Do not drink when: pregnant, child, teenager, u need to be vigilant,
    driving, taking certain drugs.