alcohol risks, social and health risks.

Alcohol Social danger

  • loss of self control: this can lead to violent acts, sexual agressions,
    suicide, homicide,…
  • increased exposition to danger due to a provacative attitude, or due
    to an inability to defend oneself.
  • Sex drive may increase but performance suffers.
  • As alcohol is full of calories and may lead to weight gain

Alcohol Health danger, short term danger

  • Falling into unconsciousness, which can be very dangerous.
    For example, if u vomit while unconscious, or in a deep sleep following
    a heavy drinking session, u could choke.(so always sleep on the side,
    never on your back)
  • Drinking too much can also lead to alcohol poisoning,
    which can be fatal, and requires emergency treatment.
  • Binge drinking: drinking more than six units in six
    hours, can cause blood pressure to rise, which, according to the NHS,
    can increase your risk of suffering a stroke.

Alcohol Health danger, long term danger

  • Long term use highly increases the risk of contracting many diseases:
    • cancers (throat, mouth,…),
    • liver diseases(“cirrhose”)
    • digestive problems,
    • high blood pressure, coronary heart disease,
    • nervous system,
    • mental problems: anxiety, depression, behaviour problems
  • Pysical and psychological dependence to alcohol with high levels of

Alcohol Good for the health?

Yes drinking alcohol in moderation can help prevent coronary heart disease, it can also help digest.

Just One glass of Red wine is recommended with each meal.