Alcohol absorption process

  • Alcohol is not diggested. Alcohol is absobed straight from the stomach to the bloodstream. Within a few minutes, the blood distributes the alcohol throughout the body. The effects can last several hours.
  • Alcohol effects can vary according to:
    • body size, physical state, sex: male or female, accustomance, time of consumption, mood, tiredness.
    • food consumption: on a empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed very quickly, increasing the effect.
  • Alcohol is a depressant: it slows down parts of the brain, and affects the central nervous system.

Immediate alcohol effects:

  • Alcohol relaxes and inhibits people: you feel more confident and chatty.
  • Alcohol creates a “etat d’ivresse”: jovial n merry feelings arise.
  • Alcohol afeects the central nervous system: slurred speech, sight fuzzy, decreases your vigilance.
  • The hangover effect, one or more of the following symptoms:
    • headache caused by dehydration.
    • Sick and raw feeling of stomach.