cannabis description, production, forms n consumption methods.

Data sheet

  • Plant name: cannabis sativa
  • Active Chemical: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • Common Names: Marijuana, mary jane, grass, draw, blow, weed, puff, shit, hash, ganja,

Cannabis Plant

cannabis plant

Each plant variety as a unique distinct taste and THC concentration. Cannabis strength depends directly on its THC concentration. The plant can be homegrown, or grown in “cannabis farms”, or in cannabis fields.

Cannabis forms:

Grass: flower heads

  • Flower heads & small leaves: plant’s natural form.
  • Grass Strength depends on THC concentration.
  • Strength: mild 2 strong, taste varies with plant.

How is it smoked:

  • Spliff: cannabis rolled in a cone with cardboard filter.
  • In a bong or pipe.
  • Pure or with tobacco.

Hash or resin: a solid lump

  • Resin made from plant: green, yellow, brown. light or dark.
  • Hash often cut: substances +/- toxic.
  • Hash quality varies enormously.
  • Quality indic.: Smell, color, flexibility.
  • Top quality hash bends, no breaking.

How is it smoked:

  • Spliff: warm up resin with flame, get into powder, mix with tobacco.
  • filter types: cardboard/cigarette portion.
  • in a bong or pipe.

sticky dark oil.

  • Highly concentrated in THC.(up to 90% THC)

How is it smoked:

  • On a fag: Just wipe some oil along the fag.