cannabis effects, cannabis psychological and physical effects.

Cannabis Positive effects:

In some users, it will produce a light euphoria, relaxation, a feeling
of peace, feeling of hilarity, a slight drowsiness, a sense of well being.
Every age user smoke generaly for pleasure and relaxation.

Cannabis Negative effects:

Can produce anxiety or panic, confusion & poor coordination.
Heavy users may become lethargic, apathetic & find it hard to concentrate.
High doses make it difficult to work, disturb perception of time, visual
perception and short term memory.

Cannabis Positive Mediacal use:

Some with Multiple Sclerosis & some other disease cofirm cannabis
helps relieve symptoms & pain.

Cannabis Main physical effects:

  • increase of the heart beat.
  • Lack of Saliva: dry mouth, dry eyes.
  • blood vessels expand (eyes a bit red).
  • sometimes a feeling of sickness.
  • a craving for food.