cannabis risks, social and health risks.

Cannabis Schoolar, professional , social dangers:

  • Heavy users have tendency of having great difficulty waking up in
    the morning.
  • Cannabis smoking makes it hard to concentrate properly and work, in
    fact you become more LAZZY!
  • Heavy users may become or appear demotivated in life, school. In fact,
    as smoking alleviates worries and stress, the users does not care wehter
    he misses work or school.
  • Some smokers may change lifestyle to fit around their cannabis use,
    losing interest in friends and social affairs.

Cannabis physical mental dangers:

  • Some may experience hallucinations, a modified perception, and feel
    persecuted provoking a strong anxiety.
  • Excessive use may bring on psychological problems
  • Cannabis is high in carcinogens and regular use may cause cancer and
    damage the lungs..
  • Although not physically addictive, regular users can become psychologically
  • Mixing cannabis and other drugs, including alcohol, can have unpredictable