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Cannabis downgraded from class B to class C!

In January 2004 Cannabis was reclassified from a Class B to a Class C drug. This is
perfectly normal and should have happened ages ago, as cannabis is far
less dangerous than amphetamines. No-one has ever died
from cannabis unlike alcohol, tobacco,….

Anyway Class C means it’s still illegal but you face less criminal
problems if you get caught by cops.

  • People will not usually be arrested for possession.
  • Some circumstances could still lead to you being arrested
    • smoking cannabis in public,
    • having cannabis around children
    • under 17s will still be arrested for using cannabis.

There is not yet a fixed amount for what users can say is for their
own consumption, which some critics of the new legislation say could be

If you are caught with the drug, you’ll be given a warning
and ordered to hand it over to the police
. If this is repeated,
you could be landed with a fine, go to court and have a criminal

The maximum jail sentence for being caught in possession
of cannabis will be reduced from five to two years, but
the maximum sentence for supplying the drug will be unchanged
at 14 years.