ecstasy risks, social and health risks.

Ecstasy risks, Danger:

  • The composition of the XTC tablet is often uncetain:
    MDMA is not always present in the tablet, there are often other substances,
    speed, cafeine, detergents,soap,…. You never know its exact composition.

  • Risk of dehydration and overheating: user should
    drink regularly, take breaks
    , especially if in hot surroundings
    and doing an important physical effort ( dancing for example). Water,
    fruit juice or energy drinks is recommended) !

  • DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH AT ONE TIME, as user could
    die from an “oedeme cerebrale”.! It would be silly to die
    because you drunk too much water in one go.

  • Ecstasy is particularly dangerous for those with
    a heart condition, asthma, epilepsie, kidney problems, diabetics, “asthenie
    (fatigue)” and psychological problems.

  • Sustained use brings on liver and kidney problems.

  • Scientific research suggests irreversible damage
    to nerve cells in the brain, which leads to permanent depression disorders.