magic-mushrooms risks, social and health risks.

Magic mushrooms: risks and danger

Magic mushrooms can cause stomach pains, nausea
and vomiting

Bad ‘trips’ can happen, and you then need to wait till
the effects wear off. Fruit juice might help wear off the effects. This
is especially true when they are taken with other drugs, in huge doses,
during times of mental instability, or by people with psychoemotional
problems. In such situations, “bad trips” are
much more likely to occur. Anxiety, frightening hallucinations,
(symbolically or literally) past or deep-seated
internal conflicts, and feelings of permanent disconnection from reality
and the Self can be quite intense and cause panic.
The possibility
of such experiences can be mitigated by being cognizant of one’s “set
and setting.”

Like any hallucinogen, magic mushrooms can complicate existing
mental problems

Eating the wrong kind of mushrooms can cause serious
health damage and even death.